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Solar For Women

In rural and marginalized settings, women and girls face multiple challenges, hindering their economic and social progress, and perpetuating gender inequality. Our initiative focuses on promoting economic empowerment through solar learning at youth centres, aiming to equip marginalized women with essential skills and opportunities.

Solar Learning for Women: We provide certified solar technology training for young women, including teenage mothers aged 18 to 24, offering scholarships and practical skills for solar technician roles. Additionally, we offer informal training in rural areas, focusing on solar-based activities like baking, drying, milling, and sewing.

Solar Entrepreneurship: Through solar-powered ventures, we enable marginalized women, particularly widows in rural communities, to establish self-help groups as registered businesses. These ventures, including solar posho mills, sewing machines, and kiosks, not only foster economic independence but also promote collective growth, benefiting more women in the process.

Your support can help us empower these women, fostering sustainable change and greater gender equality within their communities.