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Solar Learning at Youth Centres

Solar Learning at the Youth Centers (SLYC) is dedicated to fostering the financial independence of underprivileged youth and those from rehabilitation centres by providing comprehensive solar technology training. In Kenya, the challenges of youth unemployment persist, especially for those aged 18 to 24, with young women facing a notably higher unemployment rate at 62%. These issues stem from gaps in education and skills, limited professional experience, and a mismatch between available skills and job opportunities.

Through partnerships with Kabete Boys, Kirigiti Girls, and Dagoreti Girls rehabilitation centres, as well as underprivileged youth, SLYC offers full scholarships for hands-on training in solar technology, including T1 and T2 levels. Our program equips students with the necessary skills to become certified solar technicians. Additionally, we provide training in business entrepreneurship, information communication technology, and life skills, and offer essential psychosocial support.

Recognizing the vital role of professional experience, SLYC facilitates internships and job placements with solar companies for graduates. Following training and internship completion, students are eligible for licensing by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) as active, practising solar photovoltaic technicians. This certification opens up diverse career opportunities, such as solar panel installation, system design and engineering, project management, and more, enabling financial independence for our graduates.